Friday, 21 November 2014

Hot off the press, new 3DMARK01 world record by TeamAU crew

Attention, attention, attention, TeamAU breaks another world record this week!

New Pifast World Record by pro

The boys have been able to get PSC working nicely on the GIGABYTE Z97X SOC FORCE, this has resulted in a new... (insert drum-roll here)


HWBOT link: http://hwbot.org/submission/2678749_teamau_pifast_core_i7_4770k_9sec_760ms


The record was achieved with a set of Patriot PSC cooled with Liquid Nitrogen and a 4770K CPU. We powered the rig with the latest Corsair AX 1500W power supply and of course used EK heat spreaders on the memory.

Another record brought to your friendly local OC team.



Tuesday, 18 November 2014

TeamAU Breaks Aquamark3 World Record: 593,932 marks

Last weekend we began the pre-pre-testing for our upcoming pre-testing of the Aquamark3 benchmark. We were lucky enough to break the AM3 world record with 593932 points, beating the previous mark (and very good record btw) by nearly 8000 points.

We used the following system for the record:

  • 4770K CPU on LN2 cooling
  • ASUS 980X Strix GPU on stock cooling
  • Gigabyte Z97X SOC Force motherboard
  • Patriot 2400 MHz PSC memory on LN2 cooling
  • EK SF3D heat spreaders on the ram
  • Corsair AX1500i

We will have another crack at this soon and see if we can sneak up to the 600,000 mark




Monday, 10 November 2014


GIGABYTE are now renowned for their overclocking series of boards that manage not only to appeal to the extreme overclocker, but also the serious gamer or power user. The Z87 and Z97 boards managed to achieve this, and now for the first time since X58 the OC line-up has come back to an X chipset, Intel’s “main” platform, X99.

The board comes package in a nice and large premium box, as often seen in GIGABYTE’S top tier boards.

The back of the board features a nice outline on the features of the board, of which there are many. This is certainly no stripped back bare bones board.

Monday, 6 October 2014

GIGABYTE X99 OC Guide (by sofos1990)

Sofos1990 from Gigabyte OC Lab team did a nice X99 OC guide. We wanted to share it in full.

With every new line up of motherboards from GIGABYTE, an OC Guide is made to help the users push the stock limits of their systems. X99 series is no exception to this rule. Coming straight from the OC Lab, here is the GIGABYTE X99-OC Guide made by the famous Soffos1990.




OC PCIe Switch:

Allows the user to disable individual PCI-E slots. This is especially useful for PCIe diagnostic when it is difficult to remove the PCIe cards with cooling apparatus installed on. Also, you will notice that there are 4 LED lights, one for each PCI-E slot. If the PCIe card installed in the slot is working without a problem, then the LEDs stays on.


OC Ignition:

Provides power to DIMMs slots, PCIe slots and peripheral devices even when the system is off. This feature is a GIGABYTE exclusive and provides many hidden benefits to users. First of all you can test not only the PSU to make sure it properly works, but also any voltage modifications on your graphics cards, water cooling systems, case mods and fans (Virtually anything that requires the board or PSU to provide power to can be engaged). It is especially useful during cold bug situations when you need a fan to run 24/7 to keep condensation at bay. It also can be used to provide continuous power to the PCIe/PCI based RAM cards that lose memory when they are powered off.


Saturday, 4 October 2014

AMD R9 390X to feature new HBM memory to replace GDDR5, 9x faster

WCCFTech website posted an article saying that they got some leaks from an AMD presentation in which the manufacturer discusses a new memory standard they are working on incorporating with new graphics cards. It’s up to 9x faster than GDDR5 apparently. Very interesting, as are some of the technical specs below.